Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Notes for 1-20-10

1. Blog warm-up

Instructions: sign in to your blog. Take one of the items for your “Ten things about me and gender” list, and make that item the title of a new post. Now, take that item and flesh it out—write 300 words explaining this statement, going into more detail, or free associating. Post it.

2. Enjoy your RAIDS

RAIDS is an acronym for Revision, Arrangement, Invention, Delivery and Style.

These are five categories of analysis we are going to look at in the readings we are doing for this class.

These five categories also apply to our own writing.

Where do ideas come from? How do you get ideas for writing?
Where and how did the author get the ideas for this piece?
What in this piece is something that the author invented, or created, through writing?

How can writing create order in the world?
What are the component parts of this piece? How are they put together?
Where do you see the author comparing or juxtaposing? Where do you see relationships?

How can writing change the world? How can writing change your mind?
How is the author trying to change his audience’s mind about something through this piece?
Where do you see the author revising the way the world sees his subject?

How does writing create a unique sound and voice?
What is the author’s tone?
What stylistic choices is the author making?

Where does writing exist? How does it reach an audience?
Where was this published? Why is that important or significant?

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